About us

About us

Ca.S.T.Im. S.r.l. was founded in 1972 and is located at Vezza d’Alba (Cuneo) Italy. It began building heat exchangers, pressure tanks, components for refrigeration systems and metal structural works for the petrochemical and energy sectors.

In 2000, a corporate reorganization led to the foundation of Ca.S.T.Im. 2000 S.r.l. that inherited the know-how and technology of the existing company.

In 2002, Ca.S.T.Im.2000 S.r.l. bought the business branch, the technology and the know-how of the spring supports production line from Flexider S.p.A., in Turin.

Thus, we expanded our range of products becoming one of the leading manufacturer of components for “piping” with constant and variable supports, struts, shock absorbers, slide plates, cryogenic supports.

Nowadays, Castim 2000 is one of the leading manufacturer of components for the petrochemical and energy sectors in the world.

  • Dosing skids for Power stations - Refineries
  • Atmospheric and Pressure tanks
  • Tube bundle Heat Exchangers
  • Pipe Supports
  • Heavy carpentry and support structures
  • Heat Exchange Substations for Central Heating


Our activities

Our company is able to manufacture design, construction, installation and commissioning of Plants and/or Components such as:

  • Chemical additives Injection Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Water Conditioning Plants
  • Air extraction Plants
  • Fuel thrust-heating Plants
  • Constant elastic spring supports for pipes
  • Variable elastic spring supports for pipes
  • Shock Absorbers - Rigid Struts
  • Roll Spring hangers - Sliding Plates
  • Cryogenic Supports
  • Metal Carpentry for pipe supports
  • Assembled oil cases
  • Water - Steam Demisters
  • Pressure and atmospheric Tanks
  • Heat exchangers
  • Boiler Pannelling
  • Structures
  • Prefabricated Pipings
  • Machining of details and/or parts according to
    Customer's drawings
  • Substations for Central-heating Plants



How we work

Using the newest computers and the most modern workshop tools, our company is able to design "Skid" of industrial plants, pipe supports, heat exchangers, atmospheric and pressure tanks.

Our company work in strict compliance with the international production standards such as ASME - ISPESL - U-STAMP - RINA, using updated software such as CAD/CAM and Inventor for the three-dimensional design, programs for "Thermodynamic and Hydraulic Calculating" and the new program for the "Pipe supports Dimensioning".

Our projects are implemented on both customer's construction plan and our technical specifications that we tested and developed.
Our technical and commercial staff is at your disposal for any clarification you need.