Quality policy

Ca.S.T.Im. 2000 management recognizes the need to establish and maintain a Quality Management System applicable to all activities specified in the scope of QMS and to the products and services offered to the market.

The Quality Management System engages the management to develop the following general guidelines:

  • to ensure that the requirements of the Customer and the binding ones are identified, defined and fulfilled, in order to increase customer satisfaction with particular commitment to meet the product performance requirement, the delivery time and after-sales service expectations
  • to ensure better corporate profitability by recovering efficiency across the various busness processes
  • to ensure a safe working environment by improving processes management related to workers' safety and health
  • to develop a continuous improving system of the QMS effectiveness

The QMS complements and supplements other company management instruments to achieve an increasingly higher added value of the involved activities and processes.
Ca.S.T.Im. 2000 management undertakes to carry out on-farm suitable organizational and relational conditions, in order to ensure the development and maintenance of the QMS.
The requirements and procedures for implementing the activities described in our Manual outline Ca.S.T.Im. 2000 Quality Policy and require full compliance by the staff that executes such activities of each competence and responsibility.


The Management ensures that such policy is communicated and understood within the company through the following actions:

  • Regular meetings with departments
  • Exhibition of Quality Policy - Basic Principles in visible points of the company

Quality policy and defined quality goals are reviewed annually by the Management, during their work in the Review of the Quality Management System, in order to examine its pertinence.

Organization chart

Our average employees' age is about 33 years and further two young people join the staff yearly. Our elder cooperators and long-standing employees, thanks to their experience and wisdom, cover managing or directing positions.


Our company is certified in accordance with the requirements of the american ASME U-Stamp certificate, Cert. n. 39590, UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, Cert. n. IT248286, SOA, Cert. n. 13853/10/00 for all departments: design and construction of chemical injection systems, water treatment and potability, plants, heat exchangers, tanks, heavy structural works for petrolchemical and energy applications, rigid and elastic spring hangers for pipes and related after sale assistance, design, construction, installation and start-up of heat exchangers substations for district heating plants.

Our welders work according to UNI 287, UNI 288 and ASTM rules. Components are manufactured in accordance with international regulations:

  • PED
  • ASME
  • TEMA
  • RI.NA
  • LL.RR
  • MSSP

and in accordance with production standards specific to each customer.

We also achieved GOST-R Certification n. 0631023 and n. 0336578 for exports on the Russian market.